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Duties of Management Company

The Role of the HOA Management Company:


The management company is a vendor, hired by the HOA board. They act as agents of the HOA association. The management company is a fiduciary and has two core duties:

  • Provides helpful business advice

As experts regarding the laws that affect property values in a particular area, HOA management companies offer unbiased direction and recommendations to help homeowners associations make the most prudent and effective decisions to preserve and enhance the value of the property.

  • Implements the direction of the HOA board and facilitates day to day operations in the community

While the HOA board establishes the rules for the community, the management company implements the rules. This can range from issuing notices to homeowners for minor infractions to acquiring independent bids for service providers that affect the community. The management company does not have the final say in how rules are written; they simply ensure that residents follow the HOA regulations and HOAs follow legal regulations.


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